At Rothar we believe in fully supporting the customer throughout the whole transition from traditional to Lean Logistics. With our years of experience in the logistic sector we can give our customers tailor-made advice and products for a succesful logistical operation.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of Rothar is to deliver maximum value for our customers. We strive to standardize and at the same time continuous improve our products and services, to even further improve design, value and effectiveness.

We offer the complete package

Rothar can offer you the complete package to make a successful transition to LEAN Logistics:

  • Products A full range of reliable products after the highest standards, to handle each type and size of loads
  • Consulting Professional and highly experienced Consulting, to support you with a successful transition to LEAN Logistics
  • Engineering Engineering to design any custom made requirements.

Rothar Intra-logistics


Discover everything there is to know about our full range of products, safety features and USP’s.

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Rothar Consulting


Learn more about our experience and approach in supporting our customers with a succesful transition to LEAN Logistics.

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Rothar Engineering


Find out more about our possibilities for tailor made solutions.

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